In view of the large number of poor cancer patients of Karachi and Rural areas of Sindh and Baluchistan being referred for management of cancer and allied diseases at the Karachi Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine KIRAN, an active welfare society is essentially required.

Although this institute provides specialized consultations and treatment facilities like radiations Oncology, endoscopies and comprehensive laboratory facilities.

However it is very difficult for this institute to provide anti-cancer drugs and other medicine like pain killers due to paucity of funds.

In most of the cases, poor cancer patients are unable to go with the financial constraints and they are compelled to discontinue the treatment.






Keeping in view this grove situation and poverty of the people a consensus opinion arose amongst like minded people that a welfare society for the benefit of the cancer patients, attending this institute, it was brought into being and thus KIRAN PATIENTS WELFARE SOCIETY (kpws) was founded.This society for the welfare of cancer patients at KIRAN hospital was created on 30th January 2003 so as to serve the sufferer, help the poor, and share with the less privileged and keep credit with the creator (the Almighty Allah).

With the sole motivation of pleasing Allah, the vision of the Kpws is to further the Islamic values of service to humanity at large. KPWS will contribute to its Vision by exclusively focusing on providing excellence driven (as stipulated in the Islamic concept of Ihsaan), comprehensive, free of cost health care facilities to poor and needy patients of KIRAN. Kpws will work within the limits of SHARIAH and will be funded by donations, Zakat and Khairat. Kpws will take all the measures which contribute to the aforesaid Vision may it be research, education and training.
Welfare of the cancer patients
Management / Rehabilitation of the cancer patients
To provide diagnostic facilities to the cancer patients
To educate masses for early detection of the cancer patients
To create the awareness of the cancer in the masses
Provision of the pain killers/ other therapeutics requisites
Ambulatory facilities for the patients
Development and placement of human resources
To raise funds/sources for the welfare of the cancer patients
To support/cooperate with other welfare agencies
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